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Wheel Loader

  • KONO Contracting have a range of wheel loaders for rent that will provide you with endurance, dependability, and productivity.
  • Wheel Loaders are mostly used in construction to transfer or load materials like soil, rock, sand, and demolition waste from construction sites.
  • Wheel Loaders are extremely productive machines with compact dimensions, great performance, adaptability, agility, and unrivaled production.
  • There are few applications that a wheel loader rental cannot handle, from sand and gravel to quarrying and mining to industrial, trash, municipal, and agriculture.
  • KONO has compact, small, medium, and large models that can be customized with work equipment and accessories according to your needs.
  • We provide wheel loader rentals for home landscaping as well as large-scale digging and material handling capabilities for commercial building projects.
KONO Contracting | Wheel Loader rental in Dubai, UAE

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