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Mini Excavators

  • Kono Equipment Rental provides mini excavator rentals for tasks of all sizes. Our mini excavator models include the Bobcat 323, one of the most popular light weight mini excavators.
  • Mini excavators are compact and lightweight ideal for small and difficult-to-reach locations and sites.
  • Our Bobcat 323 rental has the professional-grade power you’d expect. Whether you’re a professional excavator or a DIY-er planning some construction work, this is the model for the job, offering power, accuracy, and a more confined range of motion.
  • The Bobcat excavator has a dual outlet torque-limiting piston pump that can detect and respond to hydraulic workloads for improved engine torque curve efficiency. This reduces dragging, improves control when digging, and lowers fuel consumption.
  • When the project demands restricted excavation, rent a mini excavator from Kono Contracting that has necessary power and versatility you require.
KONO Contracting | Mini Excavator rental in Dubai, UAE

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