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  • Do you need a machine to lift and move huge weights or to transfer items to a higher level? Then choose KONO Contracting’s Telehandler rental in Dubai.
  • Telehandlers are a must-have on every construction site, and our telehandler rentals offer the optimum blend of power, performance, efficiency, and ease of use.
  • Telehandlers, often known as telescopic forklifts have a telescopic boom with a fork attached. Outriggers are included with shooting boom forklifts to balance cargo and prevent them from dropping or slipping. The boom descends until the fork component is level, allowing the operator to secure the payload from below.
  • Operators can position loads accurately in even the tightest areas and angles on a construction site thanks to their horizontal reach capabilities.
  • For demanding applications, our Telehandlers can provide modern performance and dependability. This assures maximum productivity and safety in your construction projects.
  • Our boom forklift rentals are offered with easy billing options. These plan prices can also be modified based on your demands and operational changes. As a result, you’re always on a telehandler rental plan that fits to your particular equipment needs
KONO Contracting | Telehandler rental in Dubai, UAE

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