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  • KONO Contracting specializes in commercial-grade pickup truck rentals, providing the reliability, adaptability, and service you require to stay on track.
  • Our commercial pickup truck can manage loads weighing up to 4 tons while remaining mobile.
  • We provide a selection of pickup trucks for hire at reasonable budgets, for flexible periods. Our team is aware of the costs associated with acquiring a unit outright, which is why we provide alternatives to offer construction projects accessibility to the equipment they need.
  • KONO Contracting can provide efficient solutions whether you are a small firm searching for a single piece of equipment or a large-scale organization.
  • We customize our pickup rentals to your specific job requirements, saving you money in the long run.
  • Allow the trucks to do the tough hauling and make use of our commercial pickup truck rental service today.
KONO Contracting | Pickup Truck rental in Dubai, UAE

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