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Construction Dumpers

  • Are you looking for dumper rentals for your mining or construction project to carry loose materials such as gravel, sand, or dirt? Then Kono Contracting is here to help.
  • We provide a wide selection of dumpers in various sizes for transporting bulk materials, which are frequently used on construction projects.
  • Short or long-term rentals are available on advanced and certified machinery that varies in weight and is ideal for hauling large loads from one place to another in the UAE.
  • Having a dumper on rent on-site eliminates several hauling problems: it gives an identified spot for waste disposal for everyone working with you and gathers all of your debris in one location rather than dispersing it cross-site.
  • Then, when your project is finished, all of your material is easily moved away in one move.
KONO Contracting | Construction Dumper rental in Dubai, UAE

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